Zach Lewis

Relationship Manager, Connector, Motivator

How daring are you?

I always try to challenge my fear and be willing to say “yes” to something new. For example, I have a complicated, ongoing relationship with heights. I’ve tried to conquer this feary by sky-diving, bungee-jumping and rappelling. It's about 50% effective, 30% of the time.

How would you like to see the world evolve with technology?

I’m passionate about the role technology will play in developing parts of our world. Technology has created a significant gap between different people’s access to information and I’m excited to see how a shift in focus can become a bridge for those cultures and communities, accelerating their pace of development and connection to the rest of the world.

How do you keep your glass half-full, rather than half-empty?

People are inspiring! Building relationships with people from all walks of life provides a natural gateway from the monotony of day-to-day tasks

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Design Thinking Lets Corporations Compete With Startups

MU/DAI applies the sprint method to every kind of problem. It’s simply a decision-making framework that focuses on finding the right idea, then iteratively improving that idea to direct the development of a tangible product.

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