Nancy Tai

VP, Head of People

Writer, thinker, storyteller, problem solver. Nancy’s 20-year career has pioneered a collaborative, people-oriented, international, academic, enthusiastic, and curious path from software organizations in Japan to management consultancies in the United States.

Nancy leverages her deep cultural expertise to create groundbreaking and nurturing candidate and employee experiences. Her work in communications, culture, and change management ensures that her people stay connected. Nancy drives cultural initiatives and champions knowledge sharing at all levels, ensuring that our people build long-lasting and fulfilling careers at MU/DAI.

Nancy takes a "yes, and..." approach to life, especially when it comes to books, cheese, and wine.

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To Create a Happier Design Team, Turn Your UX Design Process Inward

Your people are not your products. They’re the geniuses behind your product. Investing in employee experience is just as important as investing in customer experience.

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