Maria Kuznetsova

Associate Director, User Experience Design

When was the last time you took a dare?

Once I got on a 6 seater lawnmower with wings to get from San Juan proper to a small island 45 min away. Everyone kept saying “it’s a short flight, no biggie.” I thought, “I hope it it’s not too short!” (It was 45 minutes).

How would you like to see the world evolve with technology?

I want technology to evolve and extend the reach of education and healthcare, and accessibility of both. As creative thinkers, we have the opportunity to design things that play a part in shaping the future, big and small.

How do you feed your curiosity?

I observe everything and everyone. I read. Everything. I build. Or break, that’s ok too. I get excited to do it figure out, learn it, do it for myself, figure out how everything fits.

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Design Thinking Lets Corporations Compete With Startups

MU/DAI applies the sprint method to every kind of problem. It’s simply a decision-making framework that focuses on finding the right idea, then iteratively improving that idea to direct the development of a tangible product.

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