Diba Salimi

Designer, Musician, Intrapreneur

When was the last time you took a dare?

I learn a new instrument every few years. It pushes me out of my comfort zone: I get comfortable with an instrument, then I geek out about a new one. It’s like learning a new language. You have to change.

How do you feed your curiosity?

I blend in, become part of things and shake things up. I thrive in high energy, face-to-face human interactions, where outcomes are lucrative and conversations inspiring. I balance my days with personal creative work which have been generating a few collectible products on market.

How would you like to see the world evolve with technology?

Designing for the digital medium frees us to imagine possibilities endlessly. Our work is rooted in understanding of human intellect and therefore it creates more space for us to be more human.

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Design Critique: Purpose, Attitude & Love

The art of critique is a fundamentally human experience involving people, behaviors and interactions. They all require a proper mental and emotional space.

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