Brad McRae

Relationships Director, Car Enthusiast, Father

Talk about a time you felt daring.

I chose not to go college. I tried for a semester and thought, “No way, I want skills instead.” So, I went and collected skills, and sales was my career choice. I moved into the agency world after about 4 years, which was also kind of daring because I didn’t know the industry, but I liked design and I liked the creative aspect.

How do you feed your curiosity?

I’ve never been a believer of “You’ve arrived.” You are constantly evolving and never perfect. I have always been a student of life, period.

How do you keep your glass half-full, rather than half-empty?

I choose to see the good in all situations - even the most difficult ones. Tough lessons and difficult times are  places where we grow and learn - thus always a good thing for one's soul.

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