Alyssa Burke

Designer, Purple Unicorn, Kettlebell Connoisseur

Talk about a time you took a dare.

I feel very comfortable trying new things so if it feels like a dare, I am almost more motivated to do it. It’s a lifestyle approach: I’m not afraid to try new things. The only place I really draw the line is skydiving. I’d probably pee my pants. I’m not scared of that though.

How would you like to see the world evolve with technology?

I’d like to see technology automate experiences that are manual right now, giving us time to do the things we want to do or things that will make us happy, like spending time with friends and family.  

How do you keep your glass half-full, rather than half-empty?

Most times there is a silver lining. It helps to take a step back and think about what opportunities wouldn’t have existed or come to you if this thing hadn’t happened.

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