• We humanize digital by design.

    Our work spans web, mobile, transactional systems and physical spaces.

  • We bring new ideas to life.

    We see innovation as a holistic process, not an outcome.

  • We’re driven by data.

    We use hard metrics and soft measurements to guide our approach.


Hire Consciousness Posted by

Hire Consciousness

Great companies are designed. They are the result of exquisitely careful and deliberate planning. They are the reward of every argued square inch, every debated letter and every carefully considered person.

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I’m in Love with Sonos Posted by

I’m in Love with Sonos

I expected a convoluted install process, weird idiosyncrasies once up and running, and a bit of a learning-curve when it came to adding devices and speakers. Instead, I got invisible perfection.

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Siri Needs a Face Posted by

Siri Needs a Face

Siri is the power behind the ever increasing importance of digital assistants but she has a long journey ahead. Most of the time Siri is misinformed, confused and behind a digital barrier of frustration.

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  • - Built in Chicago, Startups to Watch in 2015

    “MU/DAI is a design firm that puts humans first. The company works with clients to develop ‘here and now’ innovation strategies.”

    - Built in Chicago, Startups to Watch in 2015
  • - Shanon Marks, interviewed by IdeaMensch

    “Productivity is pretty easy in a startup environment. It’s like swimming in the ocean: You can stop, but that’s not going to work out well for you.”

    - Shanon Marks, interviewed by IdeaMensch